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Party Pack 40 Custom Kid Cape, Kids Superhero Cape, Superhero party, Birthday party favors
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Flash, Wolverine, Thor, Kids Superhero Costumes, Party City Superhero Costume
$46.00 $69.00
Personalized Name Superman Cape and mask, Kids Superhero Cape, personalize kid party favor
$25.00 $37.00
Incredibles Cape, Incredibles Costume, Superhero Costume, Kids Superhero Cloths
$6.00 $9.00
2 Ddult Superhero Capes, Superman Capes, Kids Superhero Cape, Supergirl Capes
$11.00 $16.00
Green Lantern, Spidergirl, Thor or Other Capes, kids superhero capes bulk
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Party Pack 8 Superhero capes and masks, Kids Superhero Cape, Kids party favor
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Superhero Capes For Kids
Using our popular superhero capes, they can imagine themselves as superheroes and they can go to a role-playing game with friends.
Great gifts for all occasions, such as birthday parties, dress-up occasions, and wonderful cosplay parties. Made of soft silky satin made of advanced felt.
Instructions: Dry Clean Only.